The Publishing Center Science and Practice publishes non-periodicals,

as well as the electronic scientific journal Bulletin of Science and Practice.

Journal website:

20.12.2020. In the Archive section a new edition is published: a monograph:

Асракулов А. С., Хонкелдиева Г. Ш., Муминова Э. А., Мирзаев А. Т. Эконометрическое исследование занятости в Узбекистане: изменения и перспективы: монография. Нижневартовск: Наука и практика, 2020. 100 с. ISBN 978-5-6040185-4-5

At present, the ARCHIVE section contains materials of scientific conferences,

seminars and collections of scientific articles.

You can always get acquainted with them - they are in the Open Access.


We place all publications in scientific libraries of Russia

(including the RINTs) and other countries, metadata and full texts - in repositories and databases.

Since 2019, publications have been assigned DOIs and metadata are being placed in CrossRef.